PIER PAUL BERZAITZ & OINKARI 2024-05-14T15:05:56+00:00



  • Performance “Laida pilota” (2018-2020)
  • Performance “Hitzez… Hitz” (2021-2023)
  • Performance “Bereterretx” (2024-…)

The collaboration between the Landarbaso choir and the Oinkari dance group began in 2018. The first of these, under the direction of Pier Paul Berzaitz, began to perform, and they needed the dancers. The Oinkari dance group was known to some of its members, who had been part of the group when they were younger.

As explained in the curriculum, the first collaboration was the Laida pilota show, followed by Hitzez… Hitz show and today we’re preparing the Bereterretx show. Based on Bereterretxe’s Kanthoria, it will be a show that will connect dance and singing, produced by the LILA association and led by Pier Paul Berzaitz. The premiere will be on July 23, 2024 in Kanbo.



  • Act: Lilia Society.
  • Creation: Pier Paul Berzaitz.
  • Music Director: Philippe de Ezcurra.
  • Music Group: Belatza.
  • Dancers: Berritz’Hats-Xüberotarrak and Oinkari.
  • Singers: Magali Zubillaga, Mathilde and Bixente Baqué, Audey
    Carrique, Jean-Michel Bedaxagar, Michel Arotce, Pier Paul Berzaitz, Marcel and Lorea