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During the last decade Oinkari has suffered a huge change. Keeping the bond with the traditional culture, they have given the first steps into the contemporary dances. Using traditional Basque dances as basis, they have created their own choreographies for some of today’s popular songs. The dancer and choreographer Edu Muruamendiaraz has led this change.

In this way, Oinkari has taken part in several projects. On the one hand, they have worked together with the folk group Korrontzi (Mungia): “Infernuko Hauspoa” was the first collaboration (published in DVD by Baga-Biga), where Oinkari danced several songs from the first DVD of Korrontzi “Getxo”. They continued working further in this project and finally they presented their second work “Urratsa”. In this project, Oinkari had the opportunity for working with the nationally well-known dancer Igor Yebra. Currently, Oinkari and Korrontzi are travelling around the world with their projects “Tradition 2.1” and “Korrontzi Dantzan”.

On the other hand, Oinkari has also had opportunities for working in completely different and interesting projects. The first one was “Aspaldikotik”, created with the collaboration of the writer Juan Kruz Igerabide and the actor Iñaki Beraetxe.

Even all these projects have been very enriching for Oinkari, the performance that changed the future of Oinkari was “Amantalen Ahotsa” (October, 2011). This performance narrated the importance of the women during the Civil War. The group “Ahotsak” gave to Oinkari the opportunity for working with artists like Maialen Lujanbio, Amaia Zubiria, Sorkunde Idigoras… The management was assumed by Agurtzane Intxaurraga. She created a performance full of emotions. The key of the success of the project was the great understanding among all the participants.

Afterwards, Oinkari presented the performance “Ari du”. They danced to the rhythm of the rain and the live poetry recital of Juan Cruz Igerabide. Due to the high level of the dance group, the performance was recorded and published in DVD by Baga-Biga in 2011.

After the success of “Ari du”, Oinkari reached a turning point, deciding to make a change in its way. The new performance should include another branch of the culture. Focusing on the good relationship with Agurtzane Intxaurraga, Oinkari proposed to start with a new project where the theatre and the dance should complete each other. Agurtzane accepted. First, they reinforced the contemporary dance basis of the group receiving dance classes with Kukai Dance Company (Ion Maia, Maider Oiartzabal, Ibon Huarte…). Moreover, to complete the project, they contacted the well-known musician Pello Ramirez. He was the responsible for creating the exclusive live music for the performance. “Itsasoaren Emazteak” is the result of this great group of artists. (Available in CD + DVD, by Baga-Biga).

Nowadays, Oinkari has presented its second work in collaboration with Agurtzane Intxaurraga, called SAGARTU, a street performance that is being presented in different towns of the Basque Country.