JULEN ALONSO & OINKARI 2021-04-17T11:43:42+00:00



  • “Sutan Dantzan” (2020)

It was 2019 when Julen Alonso published his project “Sutan Dantzan” with all the enthusiasm of a young and sensitive musician. All the songs had been created, written, edited and promoted by Julen himself. It is 100% Julen. Eneritz Aulestia has accompanied him on his journey, giving sense to each of the notes and melodies. They make a perfect artistic couple. You will notice it from the first moment they are on stage.

The young dancers of Oinkari are also asking for new opportunities. All their energy and enthusiasm join perfectly with the flame of this new project. Together they have created this fresh and powerful performance. This is an opportunity to travel through different feelings: from happiness to sweetness, from strength to delicateness… a great feeling is transmitted not only through the music, but also through the dancers, mixing the traditional with the contemporary.

As one of the songs says the train of the life has just one trip and we shouldn’t waste our time thinking about the future. This performance teaches us to enjoy the daily dreams. Do you want to take this train with us?


Musicians: Julen Alonso’s group. Participants:

  • Julen Alonso: trikitixa (accordion diatonic) and voice
  • Aitor Telleria: percussion
  • Ander Ederra: acustic guitar
  • Joanes Ederra: bass guitar and double bass

Guest musician: Julen Alonso’s students

Dancers: Oinkari Dantza Taldea